Dear everyone!

Hello guys, the server have been down for awhile and i think this might be the end for now. I have had an amazing time with the server and i hope many of you have had too, but as it is now with ARK being in alpha and how much moderation the server needs, this have been too big of an time commitment especially now as i go back to being a student.

In the future when things gets more stable with ARK. You may see the server pop up again, but until then, take care guys!

Last update: 21.07.2015

Hello, last update for some unknown reason wiped our server settings (Explains our repeatedly restarts), i believe everything is up and running as it should, but be sure to tell me if you find anything unusual. (Perfect place to tell me is in the new forum) ;D


As you may have noticed, the server gets about one restarts everyday. I thought i should explain why this is necessary.

Ark Survival Evolved is currently in early access, and this means that we are going to see allot of bugs. And quite a lot of the server settings is new to me as well. This means that as the server gets more popular, the performance get worse, and the only “fix” atm. is restarting the server.

At the moment there’s some stuff that’s not finished when it comes to server configuration. All this adds up, but it is necessary.


I hope you guys understand. And still have a great time playing ARK! ;D